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Beta Information

Mission:  To promote the ideas of academic achievement, character, service and leadership among elementary and secondary school students. 

Beta Club trip to Orlando, Fl final payment due April 3, 2017

Trip Meeting is April 18th at 6:15. We will have a notary available to notarize necessary forms.  Questions will be answered. 

Beta Club trip to Orlando, Florida 2017 click here for forms needed for trip.   Click here for Orlando Itinerary



We will have a table set up duringParent/Teacher conference on March 30th from 5-7.  One of the forms has to be notarized.  We hope to have a notary at the Parent/Teacher conference. 

  The yard sale car wash is April 1st.  Money earned from car wash tickets needs to be turned in by March 31st to Ms. Loges.  The yard sale money is turned in on April 1st after yard sale. 


7th and 8th grade invites to Beta for the 2016-2017 school year have been given out based on an overall grade of 93 from last year's grades.  A packet with information was given to them.  The students who were in Beta last year that grades did not reach 93 were given probation letters.  Their final grade from last year and the first 9 weeks of this year can be averaged and if a 93, the student will be invited back into the Beta Club.  The student needs to come to Ms. Loges with their report card to verify.

6th grade invites were given out after the 1st 9 weeks grades.  A 93 average in their four core subjects is a requirement. The form and payment needs to be returned as soon as possible.  

We are doing many fundraisers this year to support our community service and students that have signed up for the trip.  Our first is selling Chic-fil-A calendars for $9.00.  We will be selling t-shirt hoodies, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, coffee and coupons, car wash and a yard sale.

The trip this year is to Disney and Sea World May 15th - 19th.  The trip is higher this year as costs have risen since we went three years ago.  The trip information was in the packet given out to students. 

Email Mrs Price, Ms Loges or Mr Oakes with questions.