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Scholars Bowl

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Elizabeth Coyne 6th Grade Team Phone Icon 865-475-6133 Email Icon Email
  Jacob Bellissimo 7th Grade Team Leader Phone Icon 865-475-6133 Email Icon Email

Scholars Bowl Team

Scholars Bowl is a academic competition in which participants benefit from exposure to a broad range of school and cultural subjects, memorization and study skills, and an improved ability to cooperate and work in teams. The game is played with a lockout buzzer system between two teams, consisting of four each with two alternates assisting on bonus questions.  A moderator reads questions to the teams, whose players endeavor to buzz in first with the correct answer, scoring points for their team.  

8th Grade Tryouts - Mrs. Parks Wednesday, November 18th @ 3:30 in Parks room. 

7th Grade Tryouts- Mr. Bellissimo Scholars Bowl: Tryout in December. Announcements will be made in class for the 7th grade team

6th Grade Tryouts-  Mrs Housewright and Mrs Stuart,  Wednesday, December 2nd during student P.E. class.  See Mrs. Stuart and/or Mrs. Housewright for information.