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Family and Community Engagement Plan
Posted On:
Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Parent Engagement Plan
Jefferson Middle School, 2015-2016

I. Jefferson Middle School encourages high-quality, effective communication with parents using the following methods:
     a. All parents and community members will be invited to an Open House at the      beginning of each school year.
     b. Two parent teacher conferences are held annual (fall/spring)
     c. Student handbooks are given out each year informing parents and students      of policies and procedures.
     d. The “open door” policy encourages parents to visit the school at any time.
     e. School activities will be announced through e-mail, phone calls, school              sign, website, and other media.
     f. Student academic progress is communicated to parents on a regular basis.        At a minimum, report cards are sent home each nine weeks and mid-term              reports are sent home at the mid-point of each grading period.
     g. Aspen, the new student information system, has a parent portal, which is          scheduled to be assessable this year.
     h. Documents will be provided in a language that parents can understand.
     i. Student handbooks are created by the administration and distributed to              every student at enrollment. The student handbook outlines rules, procedures,      and communication information.
     j. Our Blackboard Connect phone system is utilized to leave messages on              parent or guardian phone per student.
II. Jefferson Middle School will create multiple avenues to involve stakeholders at the school.
     a. In coming 6th graders and their parents are invited to an orientation each          year in order to help ease the transition to middle school.
     b. School counselors will provide assistance parents in such areas as                    understanding state standards, assessment, and how to monitor their child’s        progress.
     c. Volunteers are used in a variety of ways, ranging from chaperoning field            trips and other activities to fundraising activities.
     d. Sports teams, band and chorus have activities throughout the year
     e. The facilities will be accessible to parents in order for them to hold                    meetings/workshops, work on projects, and obtain materials to encourage            parents to support their child’s academic success.
     f. We encourage parents to become active in our PTO. This organization                spends a great deal of time helping the school obtain needed materials and          resources. For questions or concerns regarding PTO news or membership, call      our school receptionist, Kippy Johnson, at 475-6133.
III. Jefferson Middle School will support and encourage coordination for parent involvement activities with the Jefferson County Family Resource Center and Central Office staff.

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