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Supply List 


WhiteTeam Supply List

Personal use: please bring to every class every day.

      Ø  1 Pencil Pouch that Contains:

           o   Pencils of your choice

           o   1 Elmer’s Glue Stick or Bottle of Glue

           o   Red Pen

           o   Colored Pencils

           o   Highlighters

           o   Fine Tip Expo Dry Erase Marker


      Ø  Notebook Paper


Turn into Homeroom teacher: 1 Box of Tissues and 1 Bottle of Hand Sanitizer


Math: Mrs. Bales

      Ø  1 inch Binder with 4 Dividers and Notebook Paper

      Ø  TI 30XIIS Calculator (if you would like your child to have their own personal one)